About Us

The Highlands Advantage

Forget what you’ve heard about Private Golf Clubs and get to know Highlands. Fueled by hard work, honesty and integrity, Highlands Golf Club invites golf enthusiasts to enjoy the essentials: breathtaking scenery, a sophisticated course with a welcoming atmosphere and members who show up for the love of the game. 


Highlands Golf Club provides members and guests with a welcoming and exceptional experience.


Highlands Golf Club will be widely recognized as having exceptional conditions at all times and enjoyable for golfers of all abilities.

Highlands is a not-for-profit organization that will have financial sustainability. 

Highlands will provide a climate that is welcoming and inviting to members and guests.  

Highlands will be an active community partner.  

Highlands will consistently offer superior service, food and facilities with a beautiful view of the river valley.

Highlands will achieve a full membership with a waiting list by maximizing the value proposition for members.

To achieve this vision, Highlands will continually invest in its people and facilities.


Social Atmosphere: We provide a friendly and welcoming experience. Relationships are of utmost importance.

Sustainable and Viable: We ensure our decision making aligns with financial and human resources to ensure long term viability.

Progressive and Innovative: We value our history while we try new ideas and challenge the status quo as we strive to accomplish our vision and goals.

Professionalism: We adhere to the policies, procedures and processes of the Club. Decisions are made based on honesty, integrity and sound ethics. We do the right thing for the right reason.

Listening: We value and incorporate member’s opinions, input and feedback in our decision making process.

Collective Good: We make decisions for the benefit of the entire membership over the needs of individual members.

Consensus: We believe in engaged debate and support collective decisions.

Respect: We will treat each other with courtesy and dignity.